Author Topic: The local papers keep citizens in the dark explaining the election results  (Read 315 times)

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The local "news" papers shoulder a lot of responsibility for the winners in this last election. Probably most of the responsibility. It's no secret that the election winners in this last election had a ridiculous amount of money and almost all of it from special interests. That money certainly helped them. But I'm convinced that no amount of money would have gotten them elected if the residents of Germantown were truly informed.

I subscribed to the Daily Memphian last year because Abigail Warren was covering the important issues and doing a good job. At some point, it appeared to me that someone at the paper shut her down. Then I learn that Clay Bailey is her editor. Clay Bailey has been very open about his complete contempt for those who speak out against the corruption in Germantown. I certainly don't think my assumption that he shut Ms. Warren down in her reporting is a stretch. And the management at the Daily Memphian's response when many of us complained? They made their sites closed to comments from anyone who wasn't a subscriber.

The Commercial Appeal doesn't even pretend not to be bias against anyone who speaks out against "Smart Growth" and all the apartments that come with it.

Both papers throw us just enough crumbs to give us hope that someone will finally start to actually report all the facts, and so we keep buying their papers. We see what recently happened to the Germantown News and Mark Randle when it/he dared to report the truth without spin. Don't we wonder why the powers that be don't go after the CA and the DM? I think it's because these papers give them cover.

By subscribing to these papers, we support the very entities that work against what we all know is the will of the vast majority of residents.
I cancelled my subscription to the Daily Memphian. I would encourage everyone who subscribes to either of these two "news" papers to do the same. Unless and until these papers are held accountable for their lack of reporting (DM) and their outright spin (CA), we will get more of the same and only have ourselves to blame.

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