Author Topic: Extortion of the GTown School district with yet another backdoor deal  (Read 701 times)


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Dean Massey continues to expose the city's backdoor deals:

Massey for Germantown
The mayor's administration has shown a determination to persistently use undue influence to manipulate decisions for the Germantown Municipal School District.

In an effort to assure compliance with Title IV and provide girls with equitable sports opportunities, the Germantown Municipal School Board expressed a need to improve and control existing city-owned sports fields for girls.

The mayor then seized on the opportunity to extort the school board by tying the conveyance of the land for the sports fields to an agreement whereby the school board would be forced to convey school-owned land at Forest Hill Elementary to the City.

After having puppets Gibson, Owens and Janda rubber stamp the agreement that would have placed a water tower on school property as part of an effort to make use of a waterline that was misplaced by the City on school property, the mayor's administration refused to submit the agreement to the school board, and instead chose to allow City Administrator Patrick Lawton to draft a second agreement that suddenly changed the January 13th BMA-approved agreement so that the school would also be required to convey land to a Memphis developer, who has also been a friend and fundraiser for the mayor.

City officials, rather than a school board, created the Germantown Municipal School District, and they should be held responsible for their failure to assure equitable sports opportunities for girls. The city owns the athletic fields behind Houston High School, and the city should have conveyed the land to GMSD without tying it to a land swap at Forest Hill Elementary for a water tower. It seems clear to me that the mayor's office attempted to use the looming threat of Title IX sanctions and the placement of the water tower in an effort to extort the GMSD school board into accepting a deal that was crafted for the benefit of city officials and developers.

The mayor and his staff persistently use coercive fear tactics to intimidate and influence members of the public as well as other elected officials. One has to question if taxpayer dollars are being used to send certain members of the mayor's staff to acting class so they can master the art of deceiving the public through theatrics.

I would encourage city employees to decline the honor of saying the opening prayers if the mayor's office has also tasked them with helping the mayor mislead the public during the same meetings. No one can serve two masters.
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