Author Topic: #AptMike has always pushed for more apts, even before he was mayor  (Read 486 times)


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Massey for Germantown
Jan 27th, 2020

Remember Germantown, from the beginning city officials claimed smart growth was specifically designed to incorporate "mixed uses," so by design any approval of apartments in a smart growth district would have required a "mix of uses," so there is nothing in Ordinance 2019-15 that will change the smart code to prevent developers from building more apartments.

City officials have repeatedly ignored the law to advance their own agenda to the detriment of existing Germantown residents. They see nothing wrong with deceiving the public and breaking rules to advance their plans.

Anyone who votes for Ordinance 2019-15 tonight is simply voting to deceive the public while advancing their own political ambitions and the profit goals of their developer pals.

The smart code should be abolished. The City can start over from the beginning without all the lies and deception that were used to pass the density-for-profit scheme in the first place.

Just say no.

Massey for Germantown
October 5, 2018 ·
The year before the current mayor was elected to the office, he was an alderman, and he voted to adopt the Smart Code for all five Smart Growth Small Areas. At the same meeting the mayor voted to adopt the Western Gateway Small Area Plan, which includes CarreFour. The mayor's administration acknowledged Henry Cannon, the current developer of CarreFour, as one of the people who helped design the plan, which seems to support Mr. Cannon's assertion that the mayor's administration supported his plans to build new apartments as part of the current CarreFour development plan. I provided the minutes and vote from the 2013 BMA meeting below:

November 11, 2013 BMA Meeting
Public Hearing - Ordinance 2013-13 – Smart Code – Third and Final Reading
Economic and Community Development Director Andy Pouncey stated the Smart Growth Code was for the Central Business District of the City. Over the past few years since this was developed a lot had been learned. The original “Smart Growth Area” is now referred to as the Central Business District. The second non-residential Small Area, is being reorganized and amending the Smart Growth Code and calling it Smart Code and proposing to adopt it for all five non-residential Small Areas.
Mayor Goldsworthy opened the public hearing. Having no one come forward, the public hearing was closed.
Board of Mayor and Aldermen

Motion by Mr. Owens, seconded by Mr. Palazzolo, to approve Ordinance 2013-13 – the “Smart Code” on the third reading, deleting the original Smart Growth Code (Art. 7, Chapter 23) of the City’s Code of Ordinances, replacing it in its entirety with the Smart Code, and making it applicable to all five non-residential districts upon adoption of a Small Area Plan, per the Economic Development Strategic Plan adopted September 24, 2012.
ROLL CALL: Marcom-yes, Drinnon-yes, Palazzolo-yes, Owens -yes, Janda–yes. Motion approved.

Western Gateway Regulation Plan
Mr. Pouncey stated this Plan encompasses all the properties between the Gill property on the eastern end and the western end which is the City boundary between Poplar and Poplar Pike. He stated this was truly a public /private venture. There are property owners who invested their money, energy, and time on this Plan such as Ray Gill, Robert Fogelman, Ron Smith on behalf of Crye Leike, Henry Cannon, Spence Ray, and John Walker. The Plan is based on Smart Growth principles that encourage urban, mixed-use, walkable districts, similar to those in the City’s Central Business District. The plan supports the creation of a distinctive district, with strong public spaces, where people want to live, work, shop and play.

The plan identifies three development strategies for the 58 acre area, a fiscal analysis illustrating the financial benefit for the citizens and the costs to the City, recommendations for the mobility options on the public streets, the Regulating Plan (or recommended zoning plan and a proactive approach to the installation of a traffic signal on Poplar in order to facilitate the initial developments.

Mr. Pouncey then gave a PowerPoint presentation.
A discussion followed on the placement of traffic signals.
Alderman Palazzolo congratulated Mr. Pouncey and his staff on a job well done. This plan had been in motion for several years and now, with everyone’s hard work, it is becoming a reality.

Motion by Mr. Janda, seconded by Mr. Owens, to approve the Western Gateway Small Area Plan encompassing all the properties located between Poplar and Poplar Pike between the eastern boundary of 6755 Poplar (Ray Gill property) and the western boundary of the City of Germantown.
ROLL CALL: Marcom-yes, Drinnon-no, Palazzolo-yes, Owens -yes, Janda–yes. Motion approved.
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