Author Topic: What ARE they hiding that they fight transparency at every turn?????  (Read 836 times)

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Massey for Germantown
June 30, 2018 ยท
WARNING: The mayor's administration is attempting to use fees to obstruct aldermen from obtaining information needed to fulfill their responsibilities as the people's elected representatives? What was the reason for the $300 fees the mayor attempted to put in the budget for people requesting public information? What other fees were added to reduce transparency in government?

What is the mayor hiding from the public and aldermen?

Some of the information I requested related directly to the $2,000,000 sewer upgrades and apartments planned for the Western Gateway (Poplar and Kirby). I would note Alderman Janda recently made a request to remove have the area excluded from the apartment moratorim so more apartments can be developed in Germantown. Thereafter, the mayor immediately sent an email polling the Board to call for a vote to remove the area from the apartment moratorium. Other requests pertain to information relevant to the loss of the 3Gs (Germantown High School, Germantown Elementary and Germantown Middle School) and the construction of a new school.

The mayor's adminstration is willing to give $3,400,000 to help developers start smart growth developments in FY2019 but they want to nickel and dime aldermen for producing public information.

The mayor has spent untold amounts of taxpayer money unnecessarily reviewing, redacting and withholding public information from aldermen.

Aldermen should not be required to file public records requests to obtain public information that aldermen need to fulfill their responsibilities to the public.

I think this is obstruction at the highest level of city government. The mayor has been withholding documents from aldermen for a year. Again, what is he hiding?

My family is still $18,000 in debt for expenses incurred during the campaign, and it is not prudent for me to ask my wife and son to sacrifice more than they have sacrificed already. I will need help from the public to raise money for legal fees that will be incurred challenging this and other actions by City officials.

Enough is Enough! It's time for the people take back their government and replace unresponsive elected officials. Please vote for Scott Sanders for Alderman Position 1, Jeff Brown Alderman Position 2 and John Barzizza for mayor. We must have change.

There are other elected officials who came out as supporters of the mayor, and I would like to know if they support this kind of obstruction of elected officials. Where do they stand?

$74-$225/per hour seems like a lot to pay a city employee to enter search words that I provided in the City's computer database. It seems like a clever way to discourage elected officials from requesting public information is to use high paid directors and attorneys to promulgate the information, so that cost prohibitive for aldermen or members of the public to request public information. Why would the mayor's office pay to have certain documents redacted so other elected officials cannot see the information anyway? The mayor seems to think it's OK for him and his chosen employees to see information that he won't release to aldermen or the public. That doesn't seem very transparent.

Again, what is the mayor hiding?


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Re: What ARE they hiding that they fight transparency at every turn?????
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 09:59:19 AM »
We should all thank Dean Massey for fighting this good fight on behalf of ALL the citizens of Germantown.


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Re: What ARE they hiding that they fight transparency at every turn?????
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2019, 08:18:51 PM »
Someone needs to remind the Aldermen they are supposed to be the middlemen between government and citizens.  What we have now is government and their yes men.  We have a King and his Court.  It is the most pathetic display of governing I have seen.  I thought we were better than that. A
  I thought we had enough sense of community that we could TRUST the ones we voted in. Instead, they look us dead in our eyes and lie like it's nothing.  Psychos.  The whole lot. I'm concerned for Massey's safety- don't even think for a second it hasn't crossed their minds.  It feels almost mafia like.


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Re: What ARE they hiding that they fight transparency at every turn?????
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2019, 09:07:37 PM »
Yes, they openly threaten and also apparently do it via emails. Why is some agency not looking into this?  It is a mystery to me as it sure seems like lots of issues have been revealed over a number of years.